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Our client in the music industry wanted to gain insight into the ways young people, ages 13 – 21, use social media to discover, access and consume music content.

They specifically wanted to understand the why behind their behaviour.

Our approach combined observation, listening, asking and integrating contextual data to build a rich picture of behaviours. We digitally connected with this hard to reach audience through a two-stage approach of digital diaries and video calls.

Participants kept a week-long multi-media record of all music-related activity, completed set tasks and responded to probes from a small, dedicated team of expert moderators, with whom they built a close relationship. This was followed by video chats that enabled us to delve deeper into participants’ responses and posts. Our Culture & Trends team were core to the project, bringing their understanding of secondary data, and knowledge gleaned from working with leading edge consumers, into the findings.

We gained participants’ trust and were given a behind the scenes look at their lives on and offline. The research highlighted fresh insights into how best to reach young people, the world of dark social, how influence is deployed in their lives and threw into relief the shifting boundaries between public and private lives for Gen Z.

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