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Understanding Sufferer Journeys

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Athlete’s Foot is a common condition of which the treatment and management journey is increasingly being informed by digital resources rather than physicians.

Our client needed to understand the sufferer journey further in light of this. We fused asking and listening approaches to understand more about Athlete’s Foot sufferers in South Korea and the US.

Our approach enabled us to deliver findings that were grounded on naturally occurring consumer conversations about the condition. In stage one, social listening data was collected using Pulsar to identify the most commonly used terms for the condition. Inductive analysis was used to build a code-frame which added structure to the data. This provided a coherent picture and a clear narrative. Qualitative exploration gave us an understanding of the digital conversations being had and the key topics within them. The scale of the data then allowed us to quantify these topics to measure their volume and relative proportions. The listening phase revealed issues with how sufferers identified themselves as having the condition. To explore the why behind this, in stage two we implemented an asking phase with two target groups in each market.

In short, the social intelligence piece provided us with a sufferer journey map, which the follow-up asking phase allowed us to complete. Overlaid across all of this was cultural context, ensuring the impact of market nuances were fully considered.

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